Shelter in Place

Meaningless words

No one knows what to do

But the adrenaline flows through me

And I jump into action

To protect us from the

Burnt toast

That triggered the stupid alarm.

What if the emergency was real?

What about this case

in 36 hours where I might

Be testifying against a man

Who tried to kill a woman

She was a stranger then

A friend now.

He grabbed her by her long hair

Dragging her back into the house

After she tried escaping his clutches for

the second time.

Life is not unworn, unwrinkled, and all smooth.

Life can be the stress in my shoulders, the smell of trash day in summer, and the realization

Why must there be so many awful men in my near vicinity

Quasi Stalker weirdo

Violent abuser facing felonies

Creeps at work

Men on dating apps.

I know there are nice men out there. But I don’t think Trump or other fascists are improving our situation. This isn’t a gender problem. This is a global issue.

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