No me toques

You kept putting my hand in your hand. I could not get it free without an uncomfortable struggle.

And I wanted to pull away every time your body encroached my space…

I don’t mean like 2 feet away…

You put your chest in my space and seemed to lean in, to get closer to me…

I had to push you away multiple times.

Then you felt the urge to rub my shoulders without my request.

The only way I could think to get you off me was to say “I already had my shoulders rubbed.”

White Men Need More Coddling

Get the fuck off me, dude! If I said that you would’ve gotten upset and then like all gaslighting white hetero male bullshit, it would become my fault.

When I finally confronted you about this you said,

“Oh, you’re in so much pain, I wanted to do something.”

Okay — let me get something clear. Just because I am in physical pain nearly every day does not mean it is an open invitation for you or anyone to touch me.

I told you I wanted to be friends only.

I told you I’m not dating (why do I need to say that, see above: I only wanted to be friends!)

Your unwanted physical advances really angered me. Maybe your language of love is touch, but please do not “give” it or force it on those of us who do not want it.

Get Over Yourself

I’m so disgusted with this person. Men are stupid, said every Single girl’s blog ever. I want to go under a rock until a gorgeous man or person joins me there and together we can be cave people who have found freedom from the oppression of good intentions hell.

But seriously…

Don’t fucking touch me. I wish I could say I love all sorts of cuddles with random ass people. But I don’t do psychedelic drugs anymore. I don’t drink anymore. I like my space. I only let in people I love, trust, and WANT to be in my very immediate physical space. Otherwise, most of my friends have never cuddled with me. 99% in fact have not. Who is the 1%? Probably drunk cuddles.

Sober cuddles? Only with my significant other, and now we are broken up. Just because I am single now does not make me available to cuddle or be touched. Maybe in the future. But I don’t want that now.

I want my space. I am extremely sensitive to touch. Not in a good way. My senses are heightened due to fibromyalgia and because I am still experiencing trauma from what I witnessed a month ago. The outcome of a violent assault, a woman who was viciously beat up by a man.

Don’t touch me, please. Why do I have to say please?

If I was drinking, I would’ve hooked up with this stupid guy because I wouldn’t know how to say no or I don’t like him. There were so many stupid guys.

Why did you have to be another stupid fucking guy?

But fuck you, man. I am sober, I don’t want you. You’ve got like 6-7 women you always talk about. Well go do them. I’m not on your roster. Get a life- please, sincerely. Take a bus, go to therapy, get your shit together. Or don’t. It’s not my problem.

Just next time ASK the girl.

And if she (me) tells you 20+ times she is Not interested, don’t fucking make a move on her in her fucking safe place, her home. Good riddance.

Straight White Male Learns to Ask a Woman for Consent

Said no headline ever. 🎤

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